Blog Feb 11

[Guide] Travel glossary part 2 – Mapping

Hotel Mapping is so incredibly necessary, we all know that without it hotel bookings can’t be sold. Yet for all that, there isn’t much information about mapping, how it works and the mechanisms behind it. The little information that exists relies on terms that only those engaging in mapping understand....

Blog Feb 06

[Guide] Travel glossary part 1 – APIs in travel

Operating and competing as an Online Travel Agency requires the use of numerous APIs. They provide you with the tools and features you need to beat out the competition. Discover the key APIs in travel with this guide. Grab it here.

Blog Jan 13

Driving massive growth in booking volume through Travolutionary

Tale Travel relied on local tech providers to power their B2B platform. However, they quickly outgrew this technology and needed to expand. That’s when Tale Travel decided to partner with Gimmonix. What surprised Tale Travel the most about working with Gimmonix? “The coverage and accuracy of the mapping really stands...